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Rough Draft #6 Hayden 11/29/11 Editing
The Time I Got My New Car
On one day I woke up early in the morning . My mom and dad and I went to get our new car. It smelled fresh, that new car smell. We liked the new grey car a lot. It was fun getting it. I had to get in the back seat of the car, because my parents sat in the bucket seats up front. It was the best car ever! It had black leather in the inside, and the outside was small and sporty . But I am used to it now. I was in Florida and it was super hot there. I had a very good time. It was cool riding in it . Every time we get in it we have an adventure. It was the best time of my life. If it makes me happy, it will make you happy too.

Gum Chewing Rough Draft #4

Hayden Fisher 2/16/12

I agree with the school rule no gum chewing here at Bingham farms.

The first reason is wan you go out to run you can chock. Example: you can chock at recess and wan you are paling tag, kick ball. When you are paling tag or kick ball you running. Wan I run my mouth opens and the gum can get in my troth.

The second reason is some people like to pot gum under their desks and no one wants to clean up some bodies mess. Example: Wight if a student felt under their desk and felt a pease of gum they would fell duskustied.

And it distracts ether students Example: wan they are reading, testing, lasing to the tether the sound of the gum distracts the studs.

My cat

My cat is so soft he likes to

play with me my mom and

dad, he has black fur, and

he can run fast on his 4 legs.


Pesticide it a human and bug killer

& it’s also a posit to it is daggers

To all human species

Hearing music

I like the sound of music it
Makes me happy there are
So many types of music and
I like all types of music

The road not taken

Wan I was in Florida I took a risk I was scared

of going skydiving in a tunnel

And wan I tried it I was not scared any more


I go outside and snow and
ice are on the groaned, the
air is cold I’m having fun a
board is underneath me