Choose 1 or 2 of the areas you circled.
List your 1 or 2 goals below along with the action plan in order to reach your goal:
Behavior/Organization/Life Skill Goal:
Listen during instruction
Ways for me to meet my goal: .
1.Asking questiones during the lesson
2.I will stop myself when I am playing with an object during the lesson.

Academic GOAL:
Ways for me to meet my goal:
I will read from my antholgy to reach my Ar goal of 25pts
1.tack the antholgy home each night to read
2.tack an Ar test every day-
Technology GOAL:
Ways for me to meet my goal:
practice tipping to inprove speed
1.going on dance mat tipping
2.I will practice dance mat tipping 2 times a wick.

One way you can help me reach my goal is…


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“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”
Antoine de Saint-Exuperty