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PublishedTaking a Risk by Francesca

Published Draft 11/21/1

I was going to go on the big hills at my favorite ski place
when I went to put my snowboard on. I was going to do it! I think taking a risk is hard because you have never done it before.
I’ve been on the chairlift at Crystal Mountain (which is a place to ski) with my skis but not on my snowboard. “It is hard the first time to get off my snowboard on the chairlift.” my dad said. I wished I could go on the big hills, but I could not because they were like big giants with no arms, legs or a head. I was staring up. I was extremely scared to go on that chairlift. I drove up north to snowboard, but I had a problem. I was just too scared to go on the extreme hills with my board. I was shivering because I was cold, and scared just by looking at the hills. My dad said I should do it because there were more hills behind them and not just the ones I was looking at. So if I went up I would go on another hill. Behind the hills that I was looking at were a lot more hills because the first hill was hiding the others, otherwise only like 15 people could be on the hills at once because a lot of people come to Crystal Mountain to ski. So I was going to get on the chairlift to get up on the big, scary hills but I did not, instead I almost screamed very loudly because the hills were extreme. My dad saw my sister and mom coming down the hill, we met up with them and I told my mom that I was scared to get on the big hills, and of course, she wanted me to try to get on the big hills. I just had to believe in myself. But I was just too scared to do it, because what if there are no easy hills up there? And what if someone bumps into me because, they were out of balance? I just could not get on. There was just no way I was going to get up there. I know I will definitely not get on. I felt nervous to get on the chairlift, but I think I was going to do it. But as soon as we were second in line to get on the chairlift, I almost screamed again. I hugged my dad and held on to him tightly. So I stepped out of line slowly and said “maybe I will do it next time we come to Crystal Mountain.” It felt special to at least try, but not really special because I did not actually do it. It would be hard the first time but then you slowly get used to it. So I am still so scared to go on those giant hills. But soon I am going to go on them. I saw a lot of other older people with snowboards, but not little girls like me! I felt like I was the only 8 year old girl who snowboards on the planet! I felt really lonely.I knew I was not. My dad said I was not, and I kind of knew that, but it was nice to hear it from a person like my dad. My family really wanted me to go on those extremely big hills, but I could not because they looked like I would kill myself and because they looked like horror when I had my snowboard on. My snowboard was really good, but I was not a very good snowboarder. I was nervous, but I was trying hard to get on the chairlift. My cheeks were really cold, I was happy to see people cheering for me but it was only my family cheering for me. But still, it was nice, and because my family is supporting me. It is not because I am afraid of heights; it is just because those hills look really big and scary. So I was looking up and seeing people come down the hills and I saw that the people who were on snowboards were turning from side to side. And I think my dad told me that but I just don’t think I remember that he said that. I know he said that I should go slowly on any hills. I could feel snow falling on my face. I asked my dad what age he was when he snowboarded on the big hills with his snowboard. He said he forgot what age he was. I was hoping he was older than I am because I know I am going to be older when I go on the big hills. My whole family was staring at me and I was kind of uncomfortable because I felt like I had done something wrong , and I think it was in my head because going on the big hills was a hard time of my life. I saw a lot of people with snowboards coming down the hills and up the chairlift. And I hope next year I will be able to come own the big hills. I wanted to take a break. So we went to get hot chocolate and had a good rest of the day. At least I got to try.

Dedicated to my mother and father who love and care for me every single day of my life sense the day I have been born.


Gum Chewing

Francesca’s Rough Draft #6 2/10/12

One of the rules at Bingham Farms is that there will be no munching gum in your mouth at school. I disagree with the rule that there will be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary. Here are five reasons why. One reason is that the kid’s teacher could make them responsible by talking about it and maybe having an assembly and talking about how important it is to throw gum away in the trash can. The assembly will be all about how to handle gum when it is in your mouth. Principals always need everyone in the school to come and meet for an assembly somewhere and tell them that if they are smart, they will be able to chew gum. The gum is not to play with and smack your lips together; it is because you can make your brain help you with learning. The kids will think in their brains and tell them that the some children are not responsible for themselves and throw it away when you are supposed to. I think that when the assembly is going on, you should tell them that when they chew gum they have to promise that if they have gum, they know they have to listen otherwise there will not be any more gum chewing. If they aren’t responsible for their selves, who I think they are, they will not be able to chew gum at school. You have to listen to the assembly because every assembly is very important especially this one because they need to listen otherwise if they chew gum, they will not do the right thing with it. The kids have to learn how to be responsible for themselves otherwise they will not know how to take care of their selves, but if you put an assembly on, they will learn what it is like to chew gum and handle the gum when it is inside your mouth. If the assembly talks about everything you need to know, I bet they will listen. Because if you forget just one little thing, they will not know what you were going to say. If they don’t know what you were going to say, then they will not know what that part it was. For instance, if the thing you forgot about was about throwing it in the trash can, then how are they going to know to throw it in the trash can, and if they know what to do with it then you don’t have to say it, but I think everybody needs to know it more than once to remember it, so I suggest that you say everything. Because if they know what to do with it and they are smart then you don’t have to say it but I think they need to know it so I would say everything that you are supposed to say. You could make a little show at the assembly to show them how to responsible for their own things and show them what is wrong and what is right. For example, let’s say that the part they are watching is about somebody throwing there gum on the ground, then you could pause it and tell them is it right or wrong? And maybe you could call on somebody and tell them, is it right or wrong, and that person will tell you the answer, and you will see if most people agree or disagree. And at the end you could see if they got all of the questions wrong or right. And if they got them all correct, you could let them chew gum.Because if they get them all correct then you can let them chew gum because since they had that important assembly you know that they know the correct way to handle gum. Another reason is that you could putup signs saying to throw away your gum in the trash otherwise they will not be able to chew gum in school, and they know it. So signs would be a good idea. And if you want to, you can put it in capital letters saying, THROW AWAY YOUR GUM IN THE TRASH CAN! And you could make pictures for people who cannot read. And if they really want to chew gum, then they would probably listen to the signs. The third reason is about how everybody’s teacher could teach them how to be responsible and handle their gum. Teach them how to be responsible and tell that if they know how to be responsible, then they will be able to chew gum without sticking it in their hair or under people’s desk or on the play structure without having to stop chewing gum. The fourth reason is that how people will not distract others. On the sign you could put DO NOT DISTRACT ANYBODY BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED AND MAKING NO NOISE BECAUSE YOU CAN DISTRACT OTHERS BIG TIME! And how would you feel if you got distracted big time in the middle of the day? I know that I would not like it. So if you want others to NOT distract you then I would not distract others because treat people the way YOU want to be treated. Because when you smack your lips together, then people are going to treat you the way you don’t want to be treated. Teachers have to teach them how to be responsible for themselves because if they don’t then how are they going to be able to chew gum? Help them learn what is right so they have a better life for when they grow up. People from every class should check the desks and see if there is any gum. Because if our school has gum all over it then it then the school will not look good with pink and other colors all around the desks and on the black top. So if you’re going to let them chew gum, then you should have someone from every class to check the desks and if they find gum, then they will have to the person that owns the desk and ask them if they were ever chewing gum in school, and if they say that they have not chewed gum, then they will ask the whole class and ask them if they were ever chewing gum close to that desk then did not throw it away in the trash can. Then they might not be honest, but soon there teacher is going to find out. And if they raise there hand and be there Bingham best then the person who stuck the gum under the desk, will have to get it off.
That is why I believe that Bingham Farms Elementary is some day going to have gum chewing in school because I have five good reasons why. People should listen to the rules otherwise they know that they are not being there Bingham Best. And I know that the principals of Bingham Farms Elementary want the kids at the school to be there Bingham Best. My five reasons were:
Teachers teaching kids to be responsible
Not distracting others
Somebody on a gum job

The Jellyfish by Francesca 3/19

Here and there you can see it,

Sitting quietly in the warm water,

As it flows slowly through the soft waves

Without knowing what it lies its tentacles on.

It stings whatever it stings,

And sometimes people get the feeling and get surprised’

Of what it is like to get the sting,

From the animal that disguises its self as a harmless animal.

It is like a kitty that looks harmless but then scratches you with its paws.

Wednesdays by Francesca 3/15

On Wednesday,

You hear the sound of the chirp, chirp from the birds.

On Wednesday,

You feel the breeze of the summer wind.

On Wednesday,

The bright sun is out.

On Wednesday,

Children learn at school.

On Wednesday,

You write a poem.

Me by Francesca 3/15

I am a me.

I am a person.

I can learn and move.

I can move my hands and legs
I can do a cartwheel and roundoff with my body.
Because I was born that way.

Coconuts by Francesca 3/15

Sitting in a tree,

Up high,

With long hairs and

Bits of it that you can eat.

They sit up high in a hot place in a palm tree.

Right or Wrong? By Francesca 3/15

There I was,

Sitting in my seat during the math lesson.

I was trying to raise my hand,

Because the teacher got a math answer wrong.

A person sitting next me,

Agreed with me that the answer was wrong.

The teacher showed us that the answer was right,

Because of a mirror image.

I thought mirror images didn’t always tell the right answer.

The teacher went to go ask the next door neighbor teacher

And that teacher agreed with me.

The teacher then realized she was wrong ,

And then realized she was wrong and she was proud of us that we let her think.

Thomas Edison’s and Pablo Picasso’s Life

Early years-Later Years

These people exhibited perseverance by keeping their positive attitude throughout their lives. In addition, both men were confident enough about their talents and skills to achieve their goals.

Both men were born in the 1800s and were about 40 years apart. Picasso started to get curious about artwork when he received art instructions at the age of 7 from his father, and Edison got really curious in nature because he would always be outside and so that got him into making things when he decided he would make his own lab. And making his own lab has to do with nature because he wasn’t afraid to try something new and he would make something and wasn’t afraid to try it on himself or somebody else. So he would need a quiet place to think.

Picasso got really high in life because he believed in himself and never gave up so he could make any work of art and not care what people said, he would just mind his own business. Edison became really high in life, he would never give up when he found more than 10,000 ways that don’t work, and he wouldn’t care if he was working on a brilliant invention that took almost his whole life. They would just keep going.

Everybody accomplishes something in there life time, but these people didn’t just make on that not everybody cares about, but they became famous from just working and working, so they could achieve.

Edison died on October 18, 1931. Picasso died on April 8, 1973. They both lived a long, happy, important life and they were both extraordinary in their own brilliant way.

Mom Will Always Be In My Heart

Mom you’ll always be in my heart,

I’m sure we’ll never split apart.

Keeps me cozy when I know you’re here,

And when I think about you,

My eyes fill with tears.

Although we all get mad sometimes,

But it never seems to be big crimes.

I’m not talking about any ordinary other,

I’m talking about my extraordinary, spectacular mother!

That’s you!

Mom, you know, you’ll always be I my heart,

I’m sure we’ll never split apart.

You are rare

But I don’t care,

I love you the way you are

You fill up my heart,

With all of your smart,

And you know I will never fall apart.

MY Father!

Dad, you’re one of a kind,

When you make me laugh,

Chills run down my spine.

You are so extraordinary in your own brilliant way,

And that’s the way that you’re going to stay

You once made me try zucchini,

Which tasted like fettuccine.

It made me squint,

And gave me a hint,

That I did not like zucchini.

And when you tell me not to worry,

It just makes my eyesight look blurry.

And then we all laugh with joy!

Giggle, Giggle

zucchini wow!

It’s true, that I love you fettuccine