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Grandpa’s 11/21/11 Erin Editing

Have you ever visited Florida on a long boring car ride? Did you ever visit your Granddad’s house? If you have, you probably like this story.

One day I felt bored. It felt like nobody was even there, it was so quiet, and I couldn’t stand it. But as soon as Mom was talking about how
Close we are Florida. When I heard that my eyes opened really wide.
I asked Mom “can we call Granddad”? Mom said “of course!’’
She past me her phone and Granddad’s phone number. Granddad said that we could come for a visit to his house. It would be cool to go to a house like Granddad’s I thought. When we got there Granddad was at his driveway waiting for us.
He had yellow, orange and red flowers filled with water. It was surrounded by a fence, so nothing could get in the pool.“You have a pretty garden” I told him. “Thank you Erin” he told me with a smile. “Do all of you want to come in my pool?” “Can we?” I asked. My Mom looked at Dad. Mom decided we could. The warm water really relaxed me.

We talked, laughed, and played games. I told myself this is an awesome day! When I told myself it would be cool to go to a house like Granddad’s, I was right.
When we left, I thought about next year. I thought about how much fun we had with granddad. I thought about so many things that could happen next summer. I asked myself, what will we do next year?

Gum chewing


I agree that there is no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary, because some people stick gum where ever they want.

For instance, when they are done chewing the gum, they might take it and stick it under their desk and that grosses people out.
Another reason why is because some other people don’t have gum. Then they decide to ask you for gum. They feel left out.

Another reason why is when they are chewing the gum it distracts others.

How can people work?

Sometimes people swallow the gum,

That’s not the best idea to do.

You could lose your gum to.

They’re not so happy when they lose their gum.

Sometimes the gum falls on the floor and attracts bugs and insects. Also I don’t think it has a lot of flavor.

Therefore, I agree that there is no gum chewing at Bingham farms elementary because,

First, people stick the gum on the desk.

Second, it distracts other people by the noise.

Third, you could swallow the gum.

That’s the reason why.

Gardens Erin little rough draft2#


A beautiful place to be.
Flowers, plants and seeds.

Sitting right there rough draft4# Erin little

I was sitting right there, in that chair.
As I sat right there in that chair.
I looked every
Were, here and there.
This was my moment.
This was my moment of peace and quiet.

Snooty is cootie
Ivel is uncivil
Izard likes lizards
Oggy is my Froggy
Bumpkin is my pumpkin
Urdy is a birdie
Uri live in Missouri
Usty is dusty
Snooty is cootie

Snow is a solid thing that shines and sparkles on the ground.
So you know its winter. Something people can create with each day,
A snowman, a snowball, a snow fort.
You can skate or ride on a sleigh every day.

But no one likes snow blizzards or storms.
Just a regular snow day.

Clara and Amelia

Clara and Amelia had perseverance, confidence and did great things.
They believed in their self. They never gave up.

Amelia Earhart was born 72 years after Clara Barton.
Amelia was born July 24th, 1897 and Clara Barton was born December 25th, 1821.

Amelia had a goal to become a nurse then she had new goal to become a pilot. Clara was a nurse to.

Clara made the Red Cross and won a medal for that.
Amelia flew 22,000 miles in 20 hours and 40 minutes.
They started a Society and won medals.

In 1907 Clara publishes an auto-biography.
Amelia had her very first solo flight.
Amelia was declared dead on July 16th.
Clara died April 12th 1912.

Funny dad

Dad your funny, your awesomeyour swell.
You make up jokes and you watch NFL.

You laugh so hard and you’relike a body guard.

Your smart and I adore your art.
You have a sweetheart.

What could I do without you?

As you can seeDADDY…
Hey happy father’s day!