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Rough Draft #4 Dilan 12/2/11

When I stayed up late

One night in June at 11:00 I carefully went downstairs and quietly watched Nicktoons Dragon Ball Z Kai. Nia, my little sister always complained about what I was watching so She sneaked upstairs to get the other remote. As soon as she got downstairs, she turned the channel like there was no stopping her. She turned it to HBO, History channel, the Hub, Nick junior, on demand, Disney XD, 4 kids, TV and back to Nicktoons all within 30 seconds. I took the remote from my sister and put it on my mom and dad’s bedroom floor and went back downstairs. By the time I got back down she turned the channel AGAIN. I told her that we were going upstairs to mom’s room. Mom told us to go to bed. I slept till 3:00 or 3:15 and went downstairs without waking anyone up. I open the door to the basement and played the Wii. As soon as I turned the Wii on it was so loud Mom, Dad, Elijah, my younger brother, and Nia could hear it and I thought that they were going to wake up. So I turned the television down to 15. I went to GX loader then I pressed start. Then I played Are you Smarter Than a 5th grader. I got most of the questions right. By that time I went upstairs into my uncomfortable twin sized bed, and I thought it was a hard rock all night.

Gum chewing
Dilan Daniels
Rough Draft #5

I agree that there will be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary. One reason that I agree is because kids would put their gum under their desks. Instead of throwing their gum in the trash, they would use their desk as a waste area. And it is pretty gross to find stuck gum to a desk. When a new class comes in they may touch the gum by accident, which is unsanitary. That’s the first reason why there should be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary.

Another reason why there should be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary is because students may get choked from chewing it. One way students can choke is if they are playing kickball and they kick too high and the gum gets lodged in their throat. A second way students can choke is if they are running and they trip. A third way they can choke from gum is if they’re laughing. If you choke on gum you can die. That’s the second reason why there should be no gum chewing at Bingham

The third reason why there should be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary is because it and on can get stuck on things. If you take gum in and out of your mouth it might get stuck on your mouth bridge. Also, playing with gum can get it stuck on your clothes. Gum can get stuck in your hair also. That’s the third reason why there should be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary.

Finally, I agree because kids put it under their desk. People can choke on the gum. Also it can get stuck on things.


March 19, 2012

Poem #5
Cars, cars, they’re everywhere.

If you throw a rock you might hit one.

Cars, cars, they’re everywhere but most are in Michigan.

My room’s so messy it blew up
Dan went to go check on his room.

But he found it in a mess.

The TV. Was on floor and his bed was cut in half and to each wall.

He found a pitfall in the floor and at the bottom was a ball.

Out the window he saw a plane brawl called a dogfight and he was nearly crushed because one of the planes stalled.

Then after that his room exploded, but he’s still alive.

Where am I


Where am I?

Am I in Denver, Texas, or Detroit?

Am I in Cincinnati, or New York?

Hey I know where I am, Southfield.

Horse Rider



One day Horse Rider woke up at the night.

Found a footprint to identify.

He followed all the way to a trench.

Went into a mountain and found the Grinch.

He thought he was an onion so he chased me out the door!

So he hoped on his horse and rushed to shore.

He grabbed a motorboat and went out to sea.

He spoted a quadron of sharks swimming at him.

It was a good thing he had a magical locket in my pocket.

A magical locket, that’s it.

I can make a bazooka!

I said bazooka and it made a bazooka.

He aimed it at the sharks and shot them.

Then he found his house and went to sleep for the rest of the day




The playground is a loud place.

The kickball field is small, but when kids play balls go all over the place.

The playground is the loudest.

There’s screeching, screaming, and yelling.