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Rough draft #5 12/2/11

Going to a Halloween party

Let me tell you why I like Halloween. I like it because I enjoy being scared. Then I went to this party . when

.Finally I got to the party and it was packed. There I saw some scary monsters. I shouted everybody looked at me. I got shocked then I found a nacho stand .they were very good .Then I got very scared I jumped out of my seat and I saw a fake man with a chain saw in his hand . Then he cut his head off! I tried to touch him but he was posed .I needed to go to the bathroom. It took me a long time, after that I saw scariest one of the all. the wolf I jumped out off my seat .I played with my chain saw for a long time .Then, I played against someone. then I beat them a couple times.

I got scared because I was going against a pretty tuff guy and he was hard to beat him, but I won anyway I was happy and I Had a good time it was fun! But I saw a game that I was familiar With I said, can I play this game mom said yes I said yahhhhhhhhhhh!I went to the game speedy fast and I put the coins in the game then it
Went on one it was called swash buster. You have to shoot the aliens but the aliens have guns too .you shot the rock then the rock hits the alien I won I went to the next level. On the screen it said you are going to the next level. It got harder, I shot the rock, but it was time to go.

Gum Chewing

I agree with this school rule that there will be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary. Gum chewing would not help them be their Bingham best. One of the reasons is people try to take your gum away from you. Some people run and choke on the gum . Some people save their gum by sticking it where ever they want to put the gum. Then they go back later and get it. Sometimes people spit the gum on the ground and walk away from the gum. Someone might even step on the gum and they can't move. Gum chewing can be loud and rude. Some people smack their gum and it distracts everyone else even the teacher. Gum smacking can even distract the person smacking. Some people like to blow bubbles with their gum and that can be distracting too. When boys and girls try to blow bubbles and pop their gum, it spreads all over the place. It might get on them, their clothes, the desk and you too. They make a big mess. They try to get unstuck from the gum. When some people finish chewing their gum, they stick it on the under the seat and it grosses other people out. Especially if they touch it by mistake. Then someone else has to pick up the gum and throw it in the trash. Some old gum even smells very bad and looks nasty. Chewing gum with your mouth open is bad manners. For these reasons, the children of Bingham Farms Elementary should not be allowed to chew gum in school because it is not responsible or respectful.


Winter 3/14 Derrick

The winter comes snows on the ground
Winter is coming all around

White outside nice and clear
And sometimes the birds fly

Hooray for winter it’s finally here

It has a chill in the sky
And they say chirp when they fly
When it is hard to see bright light

When it is winter you gear up and don’t bring your pup!

Derrick winter 3/15

Winter is cold winter is blue winter is cold just
Like you winter has a
Chill to it if someone says something do it!
It’s not blue it’s not white I hope it doesn’t snow tonight!
Winter can be bursting white
You need a hat you need a coat and…No Billy goats!

3/15 DerrickLife line I was walking up the steps
To a life line there were some kind of cross to the life line
There was a sparkle to the stairs I had to go carefully I
I could fall I got to the last step
I see the life line and I get there it started to tick tock

Derrick 3/15 fall

fall, Leaves are on the ground
It has a quite sound your walking around
Swish swash that’s the sound of the leafs coming down from the

3/15 spring

Spring You can see the sun

it’s shining brightly every one people play people read hey lets

Father’s Day Poem

Dad you shouted when they hit a run
And you got so happy you spun.
You jumped up and down
And made a loud sound,
When you watch NFL
Wow, you get and up yell!
And every touchdown they made
You stood up and did the wave
You would shout for a long time
And didn’t spend a dime!

For Mom!


Mothers Day Jam

My Mother is kind

She has a smart mind.

She is delightful

She’s very mindful.

My mother is awesome

I’ll buy you a blossom.

And an awesome kind of mom,

She is the bomb!