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Amelia rough draft #4 12/2/11


In the summer, when we go up north to Otsego, we go to Boyne Water Park. I go with a girl named Allegra . She is younger than me, and she has brown hair and brown eyes. I walked inside the water park and yelled in Magnolia and Allegra’s face “Do you want to go on the water slide first?” I would beg and beg Allegra to go on the small straight, dark slide. She wouldn’t because she was scared. There were 3 other slides. There was another slide that was a huge, orange, spinning slide that when you went on it, it felt like someone was flushing you down a giant orange toilet. Another one was also an enormous straight dark slide with twinkling lights. There was also a small light pink spiral slide. Allegra always goes on my lap on the slides so my sister Magnolia who has red hair and blue eyes is always jealous. I would say:“figure it out” so they would solve the problem because we all love the small spiral light pink slide. The day at Boyne was over. From then on I never forgot that day.

published 2/10/12

Persuasive Essay Gum chewing
I disagree with the Bingham Farms Elementary School rule that there will be no gum chewing because for example, I love to munch on gum and I think kids enjoy munching on gum just as much as I do. So if the kids at Bingham Farms can chew gum they will be so happy. Besides ,gum chewing helps kids think.
During recess snacking on gum seems to be a choking hazard. Instead of having a rule that says no gum chewing, how about having four rules that say: no gum chewing outside, no putting gum under desks, no putting gum in people’s hair and no being disrespectful with your gum. And by disrespectful ,I mean no stretching the gum while it’s in your mouth.

I think kids should be able to snack on gum in school. I think there should be a rule that says, you can only snack on gum for four hours. Some people concentrate better when they chew gum or listen to soft music. These two things help people get higher grades. Scientists have discovered this information.

Therefore I think gum chewing should be allowed. I think no gum chewing should not be a rule. Gum chewing inspires people to write new poems. Gum chewing can help people think. The feeling of chewing gum is amazing.

I disagree with the Bingham Farms Elementary school rule that there will be no gum chewing. First gum chewing helps kids think, second we should be able to chew gum if we’re responsible with it, third some people concentrate better when they chew gum. And that is why I think we should be able to chew gum in school.
they chew gum. And that is why I think we should be able to chew gum in school.ss_wizards_colonists_rebel.jpg
3/19/12 Amelia Meme Mysee and Kilimee

Me Myself and I were a happy trio.

They walk along the sky every day.

They sing dooby dooby loop like some barber shop guy.

Apparently they were just

Taking place for Meme Mysee and Kilimee.

Because they didn’t want to do there job.

3/15/12 Nanny Biggy Amelia

Nanny Biggy went to go climb a tree.

She climbed up the tree.

She looked at the sky and at the birds.

She fell down.

She didn’t get hurt

But she needed some tea.

Yippy dee for Nanny Biggy!

There’s a Locket in My Pocket Amelia 3/19/12 publish

I used to have a wocket in my pocket.

It wasn’t the nicest wocket so I traded

It to my sister for a locket.

She didn’t like the wocket

So she tried to trade back.

But I said “ no way only if you give me your bed

And let me keep the locket”.

She said “not if I had a dollar in my pocket”.

So we settled it she gets the wocket I get the socket! Bang! And the locket.

3/19/12 Amelia Pizza pie
Pizza pizza pizza pie.
Yell it out scream it high!

Its yummy in my tummy in your tummy
it might be gross.
So I will eat all the
pizza and nobody will know.

3/19/12 Amelia why green eggs and ham

Why green eggs and ham?

Why not red eggs and blue jam?

Or purple baloney

And yellow minestrone?

Or white banana moos

And black candy coos?

There are so many colors to choose from.

Why green?

You can make a difference Amelia 6/5/12

Both of these people are not the greatest people in history
But they are pretty important. Clara Barton created a nurse society and Amelia
Earhart was the first girl to fly across an ocean by herself.

Clara Barton was born on December 25th, 1821. Amelia Earhart was born on
July 24th, 1897.These girls were born 76 years apart. They had confidence
And perseverance all through their life’s.

In there middle childhood they had big goals that they knew they could accomplish but they needed to show more effort. And one point in their life they were nurses.

In their later years they paved the way for women all over. Clara Barton died on April 12, 1912. Amelia Earhart died on July 16, 1937. They died 25 years apart from each other.

In conclusion these women made a difference in our history. Maybe someday you can make a difference too.

Dad 6/1/12

Daddy you are
Really funny.
You like to watch bugs bunny
And SpongeBob too.
You LOVE to
Take us to the zoo.
You are
Super strong,
And you like
You’re motor
Cycle which
Is a very nice
Vehicle I
I know you love
Us more than
A million and
And I love you
More than
A zillion
I guess
Nothing left to
Say so I
Hope you
Have a extraordinary


Mom you are the light of my life.

You are the sweet to go with the sour.

You are my super hero.

You have a special super power.

When I am really sick

You make me a sandwich

I want to devour.

You work at your best,

Even when you are stressed.

Loving you will never stop

Even when I want to bop to the top.

You are an expert with fashion.

And when it comes to say this

It is very hard

But here it goes...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

And here is a special kiss!!