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Date 11/18/11 Editing
Going Swimming
Did you ever experience cold water? Well, I did.
One day in July, I went camping and swimming at Holland (in michigan)in the absolutly HUGE lake Michigan. It was 4:00 p.m., and it was sizzling hot outside. “I can’t wait!” I shouted. I was 6, and this was the day I learned to swim!

We had recently bought goggles. They were yellow and blue. I used them to swim in the lake.
I liked Lake Michigan because at the start of the boardwalk, they had life-vests to rent... FOR FREE!!! “You have to put sunscreen on!”shouted my mom, just before I got in the water! I growled and ran to her so I could get in the water faster. My mom put sunscreen on my arms, legs and face. “It’s COLD!” I said. “Don’t worry” said my mom. “It’ll be alright!” We have a special sunscreen for my face. We got it at Kroger’s. When we were done, I RAN to the water!!!!!!!!

When I got in, my mom and dad came in too. “This is FREEZING cold!” I said. “You’ll get used to it.” said my dad. When I got used to the water, I learned the breast stroke, the frog kick and the dog paddle. Then, we came out of the water and had some snacks. We had Garden Salsa Sun Chips, sugary gram crackers, cheese sticks and some Envo (stands for environment) water. After that, we changed into our clothing, went to the bathroom and drove back to the campsite. Now, THAT’S a whole other story so I’m not going to tell you THAT story! ANYWAY, back to the story. It was an exciting time and I had a lot of fun!
Now that you know how cold the water was, be prepared to get chilled when you go there! (sometimes it's warm, but very rarely.)

Chewing Gum
Rough Draft #4
2/10/12 Aidan

I agree with the school rule that there will be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary because, if you let them chew gum, they could stick it on the bottom of their desk. For instance, if someone spits out their gum, under their desk is the closest place to put it.

They could also blow a bubble while the teacher is talking. To be specific, it would sound like this: “Fifteen plus thirty is POP”, so you may not be able to hear him or her. Plus, it might be something very important, so you might have to hear him (or her) again. (P.S.: he or she would have said fifteen plus thirty is forty- five.)

Another reason is, they could get it stuck on their shoe. An example would be, people could spit it on the blacktop, and other people could step in it and get it stuck on their shoe.

A possibility would be, that it would spread germs. For example, if someone tries to take it off of their shoe, they could get germs on their hands. Then they could touch someone else, and that person would touch someone else, and that person would touch someone else, and it would spread germs just like that.

Lastly, It could distract others while their working. An example might be they could smack their lips and their tongue while they’re gnawing the gum. Then other people wouldn’t be able to concentrate while they’re working.

In conclusion, I agree with the school rule that there will be no gum chewing at Bingham Farms Elementary because of the following reasons. First, they could stick it on the bottom of their desk. Second, they could blow a bubble while the teacher is talking. Third, they could get it stuck on their shoe. Fourth, it could spread germs. Finally, it could distract other people while their working.


Aidan 3/15/12

Click, tap, click,
Tap, click, tap.
That’s a computer,
Click, tap, click.

You press a letter,
Tap, click, tap.
You press the mouse,
Click, tap, click.

If you like computers,
Make them go click.
That’s a computer,
Tap, click, tap.


Aidan 3/15/12

Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle,
When you’re snuggling, you’re also cuddling.
When you’re snuggling, it’s like you’re also holding a duckling,
Try snuggling with a stufie.
It feels very fluffy,
When you snuggle, it feels softie.

Bugs and Insects

Aidan 3/15/12

Bugs and insects,
Insects and bugs.
Creepy, crawly,
Creepy crawly,
Bugs and insects.


Aidan 3/15/12

In school, you learn things,
In school, you get brains.
In school, you get knowledge,
It’ll be useful, trust me…

70 x 70 = 4,900,
4,900 / 70 = 70.
Oh yeah,
That’s school for ya.

Aidan 3/15/12

Lots of moves like front kick and,
Hey, should I break that board? I guess I will…

Is that..
ANOTHER board?

Hey, PLEASE stop giving me boards!
It’s a very very good thing to yell, (in Korean we call it a kiup)you’ll frighten your opponent…

Persevering People

There once lived two people who were born about 34 years apart: Thomas Edison and Pablo Picasso.

Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881. Edison was born on February 11th, 1847. Picasso became interested in drawing. Incredibly, his first words were “Piz, Piz”, short for “Lapiz”, Spanish for pencil, which is an art tool. Edison was into nature. He moved to Port Huron, Michigan in 1854.

Edison was only 30 when he invented the Phonograph, a recording device. He also made the electric system in 1879 and many more inventions. Picasso was only 7 when his father gave him art instructions. He was impressed, so he enrolled him in an art school: Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Femando.

Edison believed that he could invent many different things and he never gave up when they didn’t work. Picasso made “Les Demoiselles d’Agivon” in 1907. He made many other great artworks.

Edison received a special medal from the US Congress in 1928. He died on October 18th, 1931. Picasso died on April 8th, 1973. They will both be remembered as great people.

They both showed perseverance and confidence. They both made great things that are brilliant in their own way, they both never gave up when they reached a dead end, and they both were curious about what they saw.

In conclusion, thanks to Edison, we have electric systems, and thanks to Picasso, we have cubism, a style of painting.


Aidan 6/5/12

Dad, I’ll love you all the way through,

I love everything that you do.

And because you are good,

I knew that I should

Write this great limerick for you.

Magnificent Mothers

Aidan 5/10/12

This is why I love mothers,

They’re better than the others.

They cook you magnificent food,

When you’re in a bad mood.

They love you forever,

Through all kinds of weather.

They always help you out,

So you don’t cry and pout.

And when the day is done,

And you’ve had lots of fun,

They tuck you in at night,

And tell you to sleep tight.

And so, in conclusion,

To prove this isn’t an illusion,

Mothers are the best,

They’re better than the rest.